The history of Phattharayan Witthaya School

Phattharayan Witthaya School was established on 19th Aptil, 1973 according to the announcement of the Ministry of Education by using the name of Sampratuan temple’s abbot; Phrakru Phattharayan (Luang Por Pho) as the school name. Then, Luang Por Pho permitted the school to use Sampratuan temple’s area which is located at 39/10 M.3 Wat Kae sub-district, Nakhon Chaisi district, Nakhon Pathom province as the established area of the school. Also, people living nearby the school donated about 23 rais 1,246 square metres of land to the school. Consequently, the total amount of the school area was 34 rais 1,286 square metres.

In 1973, the school first started to enroll Matthayomsaksa1 students and used the area of the primary school, Nakhon Chaisi School (Wat Kae Rachabumrung), for managing instruction.

 After that, in 1974, the Department of General Education announced the abolishment of Nakhon Chaisi School and combined all properties together. Since then, the school has taught the secondary level where Mr. Jeerasak Pisarn was the first principal. The total amount of Wat Kae School’s area was 11 rais 40 square metres. Then, the total amount of the school’s area was 34 rais 1,286 square metres.

In 1993, a group of teachers and Mr. Anun Kongthaworn who was the principal at that time agreed that separating the area was dangerous to students and teachers who had to cross the road to study. So, they returned 11 rais 40 square metres of Wat Kae School’s area. Today, the total area of the school is 29 rais 466 square metres.

At present, Phattharayan Witthaya School where affiliated with the secondary educational service area office 9 is opened to teach Matthayomsaksa 1-6 and Mrs. Laddawan Santinirandon is the principal of the school.

The Emblem of Phattharayan Witthaya School

The Emblem of Phattharayan Witthaya School is an image of the Prapathom Pagoda on a cloud that is placed in a small circle. There is an ear of rice on the left and a Thai Painting on the right of the pagoda. It’s also surrounded with the school’s motto on the top as well as the school’s name which is in a bigger circle below.

Prapathom Pagoda on a cloud refers to the emblem of Nakhon Pathom province where it has been prosperous for so long.

An ear of rice refers to Nakhon Chisri district which has the slogan “sweet pomelos, delicious rice, charming daughters, nice fabric”

Thai Painting refers to the fact that everyone strongly intends to preserve Thai culture.

Color of the School: Blue and Red

Blue refers to brilliant cleverness and starting a bright future.

Red refers to bravery and sacrifice

School’s Tree: Javanese Cassia

School’s Motto:

People will pass any suffering by diligence.

School’s Philosophy:

To develop academic matter, make good behavior, be moral, have a relationship with the community, and be suited to education institution.

School’s Slogan:

Excellent study, to be disciplined, to have a sportsmanship, to be in harmony





ที่อยู่ : 39/10 หมู่ที่ 3 ตำบลวัดแค อำเภอนครชัยศรี จังหวัด นครปฐม 73120
 : 034-331802-3     โทรสาร : 034-331802
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101   ผู้อำนวยการ

102   ธุรการ-สารบรรณ       

103   รองผู้อำนวยการกลุ่มบริหารวิชาการ

104   กลุ่มบริหารวิชาการ

105   พยาบาล

106   ทะเบียน-วัดผล

108   โสตทัศนศึกษา

109   ห้องสมุด

110   แนะแนว

113   ชุมชน

114   คณิตศาสตร์

115   วิทยาศาสตร์

117   ส.อ.ร

118   ภาษาไทย

119   อังกฤษ

120   สังคมศึกษา

121   คหกรรม

123   ประชาสัมพันธ์

124   ยาม






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