Phattharayan Witthaya School's Developing Method

Vision :

Study well, Be disciplinary, Understand technology, Live a sufficient economy, Get along with Buddhist ways, Develop inclusive, human potency.

Mission :

  1. Organize basic education following the 2008 core curriculum by helping the students develop their potent and give an opportunity for special needs children to study in an inclusive school.
  2. Develop learner to accomplish educational quality according to national standards and the office of basic education commission regulations as well as be able to enter stages of international completion. Be moral and ethical according to Buddhist ways. Be able to criticize solve problems, increase communication for learning, search information from learn resources and apply for routine activities by using effective information technology and manage systems to help students.
  3. Develop our teachers to be professional teachers who have capabilities as well as good vocational skills. The teachers will be able to develop their curriculum and use innovation and technology to manage their teaching with the students appropriately.
  4. Develop the executives to be professionals who have capabilities in administration by using the school as a base. They will participate with others, the local community, as well as other related organizations.
  5. Develop the school to be excellent school (Lab school) which will be accepted by the community and society. The school will be organized the area, facilities, atmosphere to be a warm and safe environment to support the learning process. Also, there are a lot of learning centers in the school.

Purpose :

The students will have morality, preserve Thai identity, be eager to learn, and live happily in society.

Identity : Love learning, have morals, modernize technology

Uniqueness :  An inclusive school



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